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Angelina has been designing costumes and sets for theatrical productions since 1984. Her work spans over hundred and fifty theatre plays, most of them classic and contemporary dramas, but also ballets, operas, dance performances, children’s and puppet plays. She worked as a costume designer on three feature films. Angelina's major design credits include:

Sleeping Beauty, balet, Mikhailovsky Theater, Saint Petersburg, Russia 2011
Poisoned Tunic, Fomenko Studio, Moscow, Russia 2002
Barrocco, Culture Centre Madrid, Spain 2007
Theater Illusions, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia 1991

A consummate professional and perfectionist, Angelina transposes deep understanding of director's intentions into undeniably unique and compelling visual expression.

Since 2000, Angelina worked across Europe and US as a costume and set designer for acclaimed theater and dance companies, such as:

Germany - Staatsballett Berlin, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden
Russia, Moscow - Bolshoi Theatre, Fomenko Studio and Mikhailovsky theatre in Saint Petersburg,
USA, New York - Marta Graham Dance Company
Spain - Teatro Español, Compañía Nacional de Danza, Centro Dramático Nacional, Centro Cultural de la Villa in Madrid,
Greece - National Theatre in Athens and Thessaloniki, Epidaurus Festival,
Turkey - Istanbul Municipal Theatre,
Italy - CSS Teatro stabile di inovazione del FVG in Udine,
Sweden - Interkult in Stockholm,
Slovenia - Slovene National Theatre Drama in Ljubljana, SNG Drama and Opera in Maribor,
Macedonia - Macedonian National Theatre,
Montenegro - National Theatre and Budva Theatre City .

Angelina's style earned her numerous international awards:

2013 Lifetime Achievement award, ULUPUDS 2012 Belgrade, Serbia
2010 Award for Drama Arts, Budva Theatre City Festival, Montenegro
2009 Spain, MAX Award for the best costume design
2005 Serbian Grand Prize for Design and Applied Arts, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia
2004 Greece, Atinorama Award for the best costume design
2002 Russia, SEAGULL Award for the best costume design
1996, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2008 "Sterija" Theatre Festival Awards
1995/96, 1997, 1998 and 1999 Theatre Journal Scena pronounced her the best costume designer four times in a row.

Angelina graduated from the Stage and Costume Department of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1985.
She has been a Professor of Set and Costume Design at the Directing Department of the Faculty of Drama Arts in Montenegro since 1999.
During the same year, she held a series of lectures and presentations of her work at several US universities in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Indiana.
Since 2011, Angelina has been teaching the Masters Studies program, at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje, Macedonia.
Her work was exhibited in Czechoslovakia, Japan, Israel, USA and Canada.


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Jovan Ćirilov

Text for the „Close up“ exhibition catalogue

Angelina Atlagić is quiet in real life and strong in her art. Her costume designer’s work is grand as though she were a hundred, and yet she is of age a lady has no reason to hide. Always attractive, Angelina Atlagic’s costume designs are not created to astound. That means that they were conceived and realised in order to help a writer, director and actor to make their point and show off. To take yet another, most important, step up, maybe the most important step in any art. Her costumes are not merely the work of the hands and the imaginative eye, but of the mind. She reads a play as though she were a dramaturg. That’s why she is not only a director’s perfect visual collaborator, but also his or her first and last intellectual counsellor...


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Speech by Tomaž Pandur
at the opening of “Close Up” exhibition

Angelina sculpts right from the structure of the cognitive and emotional matrix of a play, she works in a creative process of the birth of a play with minute and oh so subtle listening to the finest and the most covert impulses. With incredible strength, insight and straightforwardness, she transforms into the new, unique canons of beauty, into a visual harmony of images never seen before. Images of hexagrams of the moments. Archetype images that speak in a language everyone understands. A language shared by the third millennium as well. These are the images of a gaze into the very core of time. They are always Metamorphoses. Transformations. Metempsychoses. Artistic challenges of the highest order, the most risky and the most radical...


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Hi-Res Pictures

Photo: Aljosa Rebolj
Photo: Aljosa Rebolj
Photo: Aljosa Rebolj
Photo: Aljosa Rebolj
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Photo: Sever Zolak
Photo: Sever Zolak